My top NOT favorites of all time

Everyone will recommend you what books to read, people who actually have read plenty. So here I am today to tell you what books you should never bother picking up and why.

Since, I have wasted my time on them and as a fellow human being, I feel obligated to warn you about it.

So, here it goes:

1. Adultery by Paulo Coelho

“A woman in her thirties begins to question the routine and predictability of her days. In everybody’s eyes, she has a perfect life: happy marriage, children, and a career. Yet she feels is an enormous sense of dissatisfaction.”

Ahhh I don’t want to torture myself by even thinking about this book. Paulo Coelho, one author that I really think can write something meaningful, failed terribly in his attempt to write this one.

It was such a Baseless novel. Should’ve been a short story instead. It was like you know someone sharing a story about their mid life crisis and then getting over it because they just have to without any real reason. *yawn*

I can’t even describe it properly without giving out the story but trust me, it was neither here nor there.

2. Sophie’s World by Jostein Gaarder

“One day fourteen-year-old Sophie Amundsen comes home from school to find two notes in her mailbox: Who are you? Where does the world come from? The mysteries deepen when she receives a postcard with another girl’s name on it. Who is the other girl? And who, for that matter is Sophie herself?”

I’m someone who loves philosophy and can never have enough of it but if you’re telling me that this is a novel about the history of philisophy, I would hike all the way up to mount fuji and scream at the top of my lungs! IT IS SO NOT!

The author gathered the history of philosophy and forced a story into it just to make it interesting which it didn’t. He could have just written a book about history of philosophy without forcing a story into it. It was such a pain to read because the way it portrayed the characters existence was so disturbing for me & didn’t go well with the subject of that book. It was more inclined towards fantasy than philosophy. Philosophy in NO WAY is fantasy!

3. The Monk who sold his Ferrari by Robin S. Sharma

“Here is the story of Julian Mantle, a superstar lawyer whose out of balance lifestyle leads him to a near-fatal heart attach in a packed courtroom. His physical collapse brings him into a spiritual crisis that forces him to confront the condition of his life. Hoping to find happiness and fulfillment, he embarks upon an extraordinary odyssey to an ancient culture, where he discovers a powerful system to release the potential of his mind, body and soul and learns to live with passion, purpose, and peace.”

O boy! people are going to hate me for adding this into “not to bother reading” list but I have to be honest here. I did not like it at all. I thought, it was a sad attempt to sell yoga. I would advise you to rather google benefits of yoga than to go through 200 something pages of this!

You cannot possibly say that life is going to be all good once you leave everything behind and start mediating. Yes, it will bring a certain level of control over yourself but you will still have to face the real world and its challenges.

How this book got a rating of 3.77 on GoodReads, I will never be able to understand.

If you still want to go ahead and give these books a shot, by all means, go ahead. Some of you might disagree with me so I would like to make it clear that this is only my opinion. Nonetheless I would love to get your perspective on these books. If you have anyone of them and loved it, please do let me know. Maybe I was not able to look at it from that angle.

Thank You for reading!


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