Flipping through pages

The world we live in today is super fast paced. The quality is no longer the focus. We all try to accomplish two-three tasks at a time.

I don’t know about you but sometimes I have found myself playing candy crush & watching a tv show while munching on a snack all at the same time.

For quite some time now, I noticed that every time I picked up a book, I was in such a rush to complete it that I was not able to enjoy the book itself. I had been so focussed on trying to reach my reading goal for this year that it sort of made me uninterested in the actual content of the book and made me focus more on the number of pages left to read. It’s not a bad thing to track your progress but its alarming when all you want to do is finish a certain number of pages just for the sake of it.

Knowledge is not power unless you utilize it in the right way.

The thought of being ahead of my schedule seemed exhilarating. For some reason I believed that reading more books would make me a better blogger/bookstagrammer. I was unconsciously competing with other people in this community.

After being stuck in trying to compete with my fellow readers who are way way WAY ahead of me, I decided to slow down and really take my time with the book I’m reading. It shouldn’t feel like work, reading is supposed to help me feel relaxed. It is supposed to take me away from rushing through life. It’s there to help me reflect while everything around me moves faster than the speed of light

The reason why I thought people read was so we could really enjoy it & gain perspective. I cannot imagine how much effort is put into a book. The author spends hours in building just one character for his/her book or a chapter (depending on the genre)  and if I just read it without absorbing those words, I am sort of disrespecting the writer and the time they’ve put into creating that wonderful book.

Its not about dumping all the pieces of information you can find out in the world into your brain. It’s about choosing the right one and really understanding where it fits.


2 thoughts on “Flipping through pages

  1. I also sometimes get that feeling – that I’m not reading fast enough/doing enough. I just try to remember I’m doing all this for fun. It’s good to know I’m not the only one!

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