I’m a Muslim & I’m tired of people judging Islam without understanding it. Tired of people seeing me with my head cover and thinking I’m some extremist. This post is a request for everyone to see the truth despite the many efforts of haters trying to divert your attention from it.

I’m not here to preach Muslims nor am I here to share the teachings of Islam knowing that I don’t posses enough knowledge to do so.

This post is about a book.. A book that not only changed lives of countless people over the centuries but continues to do so. One Book that never got altered by any living soul. It has been passed on from generations to generations without any flaws. It was written in utter perfection by the best of the authors.

When you read Qur’an, whether or not you understand the language, this has the ability to comfort your soul and heal your heart. I am not saying this because I’m a Muslim, I know this from experience as I have read many books over the time. Some have the ability to uplift you but that fades away gradually.

Every time I open Qur’an, it feels like I’m reading for the first time. It’s miracles are numerous and it speaks to you like no one can.

You don’t need to be a Muslim to read Qur’an. This book is for the humanity.

After the spread of Islamphobia, a lot of people view Islam as a religion of terrorism. You cannot possibly take a quote from any other book and say this is what it’s advocating without having to read the whole book.

You don’t judge a book by its cover. Similarly, you shouldn’t judge a religion based on how people claiming to be from that religion portray it.

You tell me.. if you are trying to attract people towards something, do you go around making their lives miserable? The answer is no! Clearly, it isn’t the religion, its the people who are wrong. People who want you to hate us, our religion that teaches nothing but peace and tolerance.

All your doubts about Islam and Muslims will be answered if you read Quran in your language!

Don’t just google it, you will never able to find anything of substance there. Pick up a book and read it with translation.


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