The Spy by Paulo Coelho

“Flowers teach us that nothing is permanent: not their beauty, not even the fact that they will inevitably wilt, because they will still give new seeds. Remember this when you feel joy, pain, or sadness. Everything passes, grows old, dies. and is reborn.” ~ The Spy by Paulo Coelho

Hundred years from now, we don’t know how or if our future generations will tell our stories. Chances are, they won’t.

There are very few people who get to live in the future, very few who are remembered long after they are gone and Mata Hari was one of them.

No matter how little or more information we have about someone’s life, we can never truly know how they lived, how they suffered, and what emotional challenges they faced.

After reading Alchemist by Paulo, I didn’t think there was any other book that I would enjoy reading by him. Clearly, I was wrong.

The Spy by Paulo Coelho was written beautifully with a blend of fiction and reality.  Story was engaging and kept me interested till the end. I especially enjoyed philosophical remarks made at the right time, where they truly made sense and went along with the story.

While reading, one can feel the strong vibe this woman gave and the impeccable presence she had. She was mysterious and familiar at the same time.

Paulo has done a magnificent job in trying to keep Mata Hari’s character alive. Strong character of the protagonist made me held on to it. Every now and then, I could literally feel myself walking in her shoes.

We can never know if this is how she would’ve wanted to be remembered however I believe this book gave her recognition for more than just an exotic dancer.

“Everything in this world has two sides. People who were abandoned by the cruel god called love are also culpable, because they look into the past and wonder why they made so many plans for the future. But if they searched their memories even more, they would remember the day the seed was planted, and how they tended it, fertilized it, and let it grow until it became a tree that could never be uprooted.” ~ Paulo Coelho


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